New York Prohibits Most Late-Term Abortions — But That Might Change Soon,” Dec. 14, 2016

Here’s What New Yorkers Could Expect to Happen to Obamacare in 2017,” Nov. 14, 2016

Here’s Why New York Doesn’t Have Early Voting,” Nov. 8, 2016

PODCAST: Why People Say the Oldest House in Manhattan is Haunted,” Oct. 28, 2016

“This Is How Margaret Sanger Founded Planned Parenthood in NYC 100 Years Ago,” Oct. 16. 2016

‘Wedding Anarchist’ Ready to Officiate Any Ceremony You Want, Except Nudist,” Aug. 31, 2016

 “Meet the Artist Behind the Naked Donald Trump Statue,” Aug. 18, 2016

How NYC’s Failed 2012 Olympic Bid Shaped the City We Live in Today,” Aug. 16, 2016

Here’s What the Future of City’s Street Fairs Could Look Like,” June 9, 2016

Here’s What You Need to Know About Tuesday’s New York Primary,” June 28, 2016

Your Guide to Unmarked Street Foods and Where to Find Them,”April 27, 2016

Meet the Boy Detective Whose Agency’s Sign Has Carroll Gardens Abuzz,” March 30, 2015

Museums and Zoos That Gave You Free IDNYC Memberships Want Something Back,” March 24, 2016

How Bartel-Pritchard ‘Square’ Got Its Name, Despite Being Circle-Shaped,” March 4, 2016

 “7 Reasons Why Your Daily Commute Is Slowly Killing You,” Feb. 25, 2016

 “$99 ‘West Village’ Trash Can for Sale at Anthropologie,” Jan. 14, 2016

 “MAP: Here Are the Banks that Accept IDNYC,” Dec. 22, 2015

 “How to Celebrate the Winter Solstice Like a Real New York Wiccan,” Dec. 15, 2015

 “‘Pizza Rat’ Restaurant App Owner Says He Already Trademarked the Name,”         October 29, 2015

 “The New York City Origins of Your Favorite Superheroes,” October 6, 2015

 “Where to Snap Your Selfie with Pope Frances,” September 22, 2015

 “Enjoying That Refreshing Blast of Cool Air on the Sidewalk? It’s Illegal,” Aug. 3,           2015


       “The backstory of Buzzfeed’s New York tax credits,” March 24, 2015

       “The infinite spanking of Jerry Saltz,” March 16, 2015

       “The young doctor,” Oct. 1, 2014

       “A relaunch for The New Yorker, with high stakes,” July 21, 2014

       “Rockaway suddenly a hotbed for local news,” June 24, 2014

       “Meet Deca, the latest journalism cooperative,” June 12, 2014

       “City Council to hear ‘Open FOIL’ bill,” May 14, 2014

       “Cosmopolitan.com hires Jill Filipovic, burnishes feminist cred,” April 25, 2014

       “Getting action!” Capital magazine cover story, April 2014

       “The wizard of Oz, March 7, 2014

       “Tensions flare at troubled El Diario,” March 7, 2014

       “The crisis at WBAI,” Feb. 12, 2014


Still Reeling: Sandy was the latest blow for already troubled charter boats,” Sunday business feature, Aug. 25, 2013

LI-based frozen yogurt chain swirling in sweet profit growth,” Aug. 12, 2013

Twinkies return to store shelves,” Top stories, July 16, 2013

LIers among Google Glass testers,” July 9, 2013

Cost-benefit prognosis: Pitching probe’s medical, economic value to hospitals,” Aug. 5, 2013

Blowin’ in the wind: Some LIers turn to palm trees for storm-resistant greenery,” Top stories, July 6, 2013

Business heats up on Fire Island,” Long Island section, July 5, 2013


Caretakers confront cut in Family Care aid: Funding losses can lead to unsettling moves for patients,” A1, Sept. 5, 2012

Milwaukee keeps rolling on path to making streets two-wheel friendly,” A1, August 21, 2012

Mental health patients find a spiritual release by raising monarchs,” B1, Aug. 18, 2012

Multiple faiths represented at service” held for the six Sikh shooting victims, Aug. 11, 2012

For MYSO musicians, European trip strikes a chord,” Arts, Aug. 5, 2012

After a stroke, poetry keeps a woman in motion,” July 24, 2012

Cold case relying on new DNA tool ends in guilty plea,” B1, July 19, 2012

Bernice Noble: Again and again, Noble bounced back to help others,” Obituary, July 16, 2012

Rhinelander’s Hodag makes Scooby-Doo debut,” A1, July 11, 2012

Traffic deaths in Wisconsin reverse course, jump 14 percent,” A1, June 11, 2012


McClure Plays McDonald’s,” profile of a jazz musician, Sept. 11, 2011

Conviction,” a feature about the reentry process for New Haven ex-offenders, February 4, 2011

Confirming Kagan’s Ambition, Unraveling My Own,” personal essay, Nov. 2, 2010


The Hidden Patient: A Caregiver, Her Mother, and the Dementia that Afflicts Them Both,” Spring 2013

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